So, whether your baby step is taken with a circle-cutting band-saw jig and some scrap counter top, or it’s an actual step through a gallery door, take it with confidence—with the knowledge that it only feels awkward because it’s your first, and that it will teach you something, and that it will get easier very soon. Bigger steps are right around the corner. 
—Sherman Hall, Editor

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cover: Bryan Hopkins’ cup set, 4½ in. (11 cm) in height, wheel-thrown and altered porcelain, fired to cone 11 in a gas kiln, platinum luster, and cast mortar, 2011.


In this issue:

Bryan Hopkins: Dissonance
and Reconciliation

by Glen R. Brown

Extending a Museum

by Diana Lyn Roberts

Sewing Cultures Through

by Lauren Karle 


Studio Visit: John Britt

Bakersville, North Carolina

Techno File: Casting

by Jonathan Kaplan
Clay Culture: 

Rewarding an Innovator

Clay Culture: Jun Factory

by Maggie Connolly
Gallery Guide 2013 Exhibition Review: To Wander
Out of Place

by Tony Merino

Exhibition Review: Peter
Shire “Cups 1974–2012: 

Ceramic and Steel Cups
Works on Paper”

by Kathleen Whitney

Spotlight: A Potter’s Pots

by Suze Lindsay


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