Focus: Gallery Guide

CM’s comprehensive listing of where to go, what to see and where to show, including galleries that show ceramics on a regular basis and museums with significant ceramics collections on view.


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In this issue:

House of Pots
by Phil Rogers

A potter’s perspective on being “the hunter and the hunted” in the collecting world, and what it really means to collect pots.


Collecting: The Quest for Rightness
by Tom Turner

Looking for and recognizing the qualities in pots that make them timeless, instructive and perhaps even priceless.


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Malcolm Mobutu Smith
by Matthew Kangas

Simultaneously commenting on popular culture and ancient ceramic practice, an artist draws parallels between seemingly different “traditions” such as Western graffiti and Japanese Oribe in the same piece. How different are they, really?


The Poetics of Collaboration: Matt Kelleher and Shoko Teruyama
by Katey Schultz

Concepts of ego and identity come under scrutiny when two artists combine efforts to create truly collaborative work.

with Finding a Third Voice by Matt Kelleher and Shoko Teruyama


The MFA Factor: University of Washington

This installment of graduate program profiles hits the Pacific Northwest with a visit to Seattle and the University of Washington. Known, and credited, for a revival in figurative ceramic sculpture, UW’s faculty and students show us that is only one of the things to be impressed with.


Mid-Range Reduction Firing: It’s Not Just Cooler, It’s Cool
by John Britt

A sensible approach to mid-range reduction firing began with a simple exploration of glaze types, recipes, materials and a nudge from some friends. The result is a realization that high-quality results are available while saving fuel, time and energy.


recipes Cone 6 reduction glazes, side-by-side high-fire and mid-range test comparisons, and a guide to mid-range fluxes.

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