200710 Cover

On the Cover: “Creep” by Tyler Lotz

“Creep” is 19 inches in height, slip-cast ceramic with acrylic paints.


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In this issue:


Oct07p62_Fisher Oct07p68_Besser Oct07p32_Lotz

A Foot in the Door: Taking the Fear out of Approaching Galleries

by Frank James Fisher 

Sandy Besser and the

Fine Art of Collecting

by Marko Fields

Of Light and Motion: The Ceramic Sculpture of Tyler Lotz by Elizabeth Coleman with The Quest for Gallery Representation: An

Interview with Tyler Lotz


Oct07p36_MFASIUDresang OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Oct07p48_Carney

The MFA Factor:

Volume 2


Leaving Bariumville:

Replacing Barium

Carbonate in Cone 10 Glazes by

Daniel Semler 

Lithophanes and Asia:

Translucent Translations

by Dr. Margaret Carney

with Lithophanes:

Contemporary Approaches




Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers


Answers to Questions




Gallery Guide 2008




Talking Pots by Jack Troy