Ceramics Monthly - October 1966

On the Cover:  Stoneware Pots from Nigeria

The pots are from the pottery training center in Abuja, Nigeria started under the direction of Michael Cardew.


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers




CM’s Picture of the Month


Answers to Questions


Abuja Stoneware by Jonathon Slye


Decorative Effects from Ribbed Glass by Mary Lou Stribling


Slab Building from Scrap Forms by Robert F. Eilenberger


Experiments with Foil by Kathe Berl


Tips on Photographing Crafts by Polly Rothenberg


Ceramics in the Industrial Arts Program, Part 2 by Harry Krane and Robert Smolowitz


Transfer Printing with Plastic demonstrated by Marc Bellaire




Terra Cotta at Cone 4 by Richard Behrens


Ceramic Shopper

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