196110 Cover 2

On the Cover: Branch Vase by Norman Schulman; Stoneware Bottle by Charles Lakofsky; and Stoneware Vase by Fly Shaffer

Prize-winning pottery entries from the 43rd Annual Toledo Area Artists Exhibition.


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers


More About Hinged Bracelets by Kathe Berl




Glazing, Decorating and Firing Huge Pots by F. Carlton Ball


The “Look” of Music by John Kenny


Construction and Use of a Slab Slicer by Don Wood


Kiln-Formed Glass: Inlaid Glass by Kay Kinney


Marc Bellaire Demonstrates: Four Values of Blue


Pacific Northwest Arts and Crafts Fair


Lava Glazes by Harding Black


Picture Parade





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