196010 Cover 2

On the Cover: Rita Yokoi

Rita Yokoi is the co-winner, with Fred Roth, of the 1960 Elisabeth Moses memorial award given annually by the Association of San Francisco Potters as special recognition to promising young ceramists. Mrs. Yokoi will graduate from the California School of Fine Arts this year, and then plans to share a ceramic studio with her husband.


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Pic of the Month




Setting Up an Enamel Studio by Kathe Berl


Suggestions from our Readers


Making Animals Stand by Edris Eckhardt


Inlaid Slip Decoration by F. Carlton Ball


Show Time: Michiana Exhibit; Creative Crafts Exhibit


Sponge, Spatter and Sgraffito by Marc Bellaire


Sylvia Cosoleto Works with Glass by Kay Kinney


Coil Building a Vase by Richard Peeler


Yellow Terra Sigillata by Karl Martz


Answers to Questions




One-Fire Enamel “Paintings” by Katherine Bell Brown