FC_Nov13The best possible outcome in seeing these half-finished projects is that we rediscover something we could not understand at the time, but now have the necessary tools or insight to complete, and so a reinvigorating adventure begins. Of course, you or I may not have those insights or tools, but hopefully in these cases we’re wise enough to think hard before just disregarding something that was previously discounted or relegated to the status of one-time diversion.—Sherman Hall, editor.

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cover: Detail of Randy Johnston’s rectangular sushi platter, 8.25 in. (21 cm) in length, nuka glaze with iron slop and wax resist and overglaze brushwork.

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SLRJohnston_CMNov13 Exposure_CMNov13

New Directions: Ceramics

by Randy Johnston

by Robert Silberman


Staying Engaged

by Randy Johnston


Current and Upcoming


 SVSFilleyESerritella_CMNov13  DBainbridge_CMNov13  JKnapp_CMNov13

Studio Visit:

Susan Filley and

Eric SerritellaChapel Hill,

North Carolina.

Clay Culture:

Super-efficient Irrigation

with Ceramics

by David A. Bainbridge

Clay Culture:

Simon Leach’s Pottery

by Jessica Knapp

 ROBrien_CMNov13  AMarquis_CMNov13  RRoy_CMNov13

Exhibition Review:


Reviewed by Randi O’Brien

Exhibition Review:

Game, Set, Match

Reviewed by Andrea Marquis


Techno File:

Custer Feldspar

by Ron Roy

Click to read Peter Sohngen’s article:

A Potter’s Notes on Thermal Expansion


 KWhitney_CMNov13  LWeathers_CMNov13  EYoung_CMNov13

Cheryl Ann Thomas:

Artifacts and Relics

by Kathleen Whitney

Tips and Tools:

Power Sieve

by Lawrence Weathers

Mori Onodera: Translating a

passion for food

to a passion for clay

by Emily Young

 KSchultz_CMNov13  GBrown_CMNov13  

Place, Pockets, and


by Katey Schultz

Adam Welch: The Enduring


by Glen R. Brown


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