There are so many new things like that happening all the time in ceramics, and we try to keep up on as many as we can, but there is only so much we can put in this magazine. —Sherman Hall, Editor

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cover: Red Carpet (section), 3 ft. (91 cm) in length, coil-built earthenware, cone 04 glaze, red carnations, 2011, by Rebecca Chappell.
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Techno File: Suspenders and Binders for Glaze
by David Pier

Increase your glazing success by learning which additive will help you achieve the raw-glaze surface that suits your work best.

Clay Culture: Cloud Collecting
by Jessica Knapp

Store, organize, and even share your inspiration and research online. It’s amazing the connections you can make when you can quickly see and compare all of the different images that influence your work.

Clay Culture:CSP (Community Supported Pottery)
by Sherman Hall

Many potters are looking to their communities to help them grow and expand in much the same way small farmers have been doing for years.

Clay Culture:Terra Cotta Comeback
by Holly Goring

Okay, so terra cotta may never have gone away, especially inside the studio-ceramics field, but it’s seeing a renewed popularity in architecture, both in new construction and in rehabilitation and upgrading of existing structures.

Studio Visit: Daniel Ricardo Teran
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If your dream is to have a studio in an urban, renovated, industrial machine shop with exposed brick and large windows, then Daniel Ricardo Teran is living your dream.

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Couples in Clay
by Michael Lancaster

Sharing a studio and a body of work with a partner takes skill to manage successfully, but collaborations like this can lead to something new for both participants.

  • Naomi Dalglish and Michael Hunt
  • Stephanie Craig and Todd Leech
  • Becky and Steve Lloyd
  • Louis and Christine Colombarini
  • Michael Lancaster and Barbara Harnack

Juan Granados: Memories of Grief and Consolation
by Matthew Kangas

Granados’ work has always included references to his family’s migrant farm work, but a new body of work is more specific in both reference and imagery.

  • monthly methods Acrylic Medium Image Transfer
    by Juan Granados

Haejung Lee: No Small Adventure
by Maman Rikin

Navigating the transition from one culture to another can be daunting; straddling two different cultures can be complicated; reconciling two cultures within yourself and in your work is no small adventure.

  • monthly methods Multinational Symbolism
    by Haejung Lee

MFA Factor: School for American Crafts–Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York

A two-year program clearly focused on craft also encourages broad experimentation.

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Glaze: Snowflake Crackle
by John Britt

A modern definition of this glaze might be “extreme crazing,” but this thick, engaging surface has its origins in Song dynasty China.

Spotlight: From High to Low

One little change, like switching from throwing to handbuilding, had a cascading effect on Rebecca Chappell’s studio practice, leading to exciting new possibilities and a new body of work.