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Focus: Studio Life

Don’t you love visiting the studios of people whose work you admire? Beginning with this issue, we’ll be taking you inside the garages, barns, basements, lofts, closets, and porches that serve as studios for potters and sculptors of all stripes. We kick off this special feature with four artists whose studios and work are both geographically and stylistically diverse:

Patsy Cox, Los Angeles, California

Jeff Campana, Louisville, Kentucky

Stephanie Lanter, Topeka, Kansas

Robbie Heidinger, Westhampton, Massachusetts

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kenneth baskin ceramic sculpture photo

Kenneth Baskin’s 20th Century Artifacts
by Katey Schultz

A sculptor uses abstraction, function, and scale to comment on human connectivity and relationships in the Technological Age.

allison petty congeal ceramic and silicone sculpture image


Attractive Repulsion: Visceral Made Tangible
by Billie Sessions

Sculptor Alison Petty discovers another way to use silica with
porcelain-and it’s flexible in more ways than one.

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Pavel Amromin Adventure Bound ceramic sculpture photo

Pavel Amromin: Adventure Bound
by Jill Foote-Hutton

A sculptor employs various seemingly innocent constructs and
devices to portray the darker aspects of human nature.

Terry Gess stoneware plate with slip photo

Graphic Power: Terry Gess Makes His Mark
by Katey Schultz

A North Carolina potter takes a well-established tradition of
decorating with slips and makes it his own.

recipes Slips for Decorating
monthly methods Slips and Marks by Terry Gess

Lee Rexrode Nesting Jar photo

MFA Factor: Edinboro University
A Great Lakes school with diverse options.



A New Pot’s Story
by John Dix

Have you ever pulled a pot out of your kiln and had it change the way you look at the rest of your work? Have you ever pulled that pot out of the inferno that is the firebox of a white-hot anagama at the height of a six day firing?

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