Focus: The Culture of Clay

What happens in ceramics when fundamental shifts take place in our cultures? We have a wonderful tool for answering this question: our own history.


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In this issue:

Inheriting Legacy
by Jack Troy

A discussion of the cultural and historical forces surrounding the production of Pennsylvania salt-glazed ware, why and how it ceased, and what it means to the potters of today.

with The Wind in the Jug


The Elusive Tea Bowl
by Jeff Shapiro

An American ceramic artist, Jeff Shapiro explores his motivations for making tea bowls.

with The Tea Ceremony


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California Funk
by Scott Shields

The chief curator of the Crocker Art Museum provides a primer on one of the major ceramic-art movements of the 20th century.


Longquan Celadon: A Revival
by Carla Coch

An exploration into the history, near extinction and resurgence of what many consider to be the pinnacle of celadon glazes.


Gareth Mason: The Attraction of Opposites
by Helen Bevis

Using classical forms as a foundation for experimental surfaces, a British potter searches for the transformative power of ceramic experience.

with Material and Process by Gareth Mason


The MFA Factor: University of Florida

In our latest installment of graduate program profiles, the University of Florida in Gainesville shows its stuff‚ and it’s good stuff!


Valerie Zimany: Recasting the Japanese Tradition
by Elizabeth Carlson

A twelve-year journey from the United States to Japan and back again results in work that embraces a sense of place while celebrating movement and transition.


monthly methods Casting Well by Valerie Zimany


recipe Cone 6–10 clay body and instructions for making a casting slip from a clay body

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