200711 Cover

On the Cover: “Oscillation #3” by Jason Green

“Oscillation #3” is 29 inches in height, press-molded terra cotta, slip, and glaze.


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In this issue:



Changing Spaces: Jason Green, 

Fred Spaulding, Ian Dowling,

Berry Matthews, Ole Lislerud,

Clare Twomey, Bruck



Brick as Metaphor by

Michael Morgan

monthly methods: More than a Block of Clay




A Reasoned Approach by Katey Schultz

monthly methods: On the Surface


Nov07p52_Shao Nov07p56_MFAOUMoore  

Junya Shao: Yixing and Beyond

by Glen R. Brown

monthly methods: Building

on Tradition


The MFA Factor: Volume 3




Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers


Answers to Questions






Friendship and Influence by Dick Lehman