196011 Cover 2

On the Cover: Learn to Throw Tall Pots

The tall vase was made by Robert C. Burkhart of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. A feature article by Mr. Burkhart, “Learn to Throw Tall Pots,” appears on page 22 of this issue. 


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Pic of the Month




Heavy Slip Painting by Karl Martz


Suggestions from our Readers


Open Work Screens by F. Carlton Ball


Teacher’s Pet by Clark Heiple


Show Time: Arts of Denmark


Free-Flowing Slip Decoration by Henry Bollman


Learn to Throw Tall Pots by Robert C. Burkhart


Outdoor Christmas Decorations by Kathe Berl


Sgraffito for Decoration by Marc Bellaire


Low Fire “Iron Spot” Glazes


Ceramic Shopper


Answers to Questions




Glass Christmas Ornaments by Kay Kinney