195811 Cover 2

On the Cover: Special Projects for Christmas

In this issue candleholders, tree ornaments, enameling, stoneware and much more. Cover art by Robert L. Creager.


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In this issue:




Pic of the Month




Ceramic Shopper




Teacher’s Pet: Creative Ceramic Angels by Ruth N. Wild


Enameler’s Column: Presents for Under the Christmas Tree by Kathe Berl


Versatile Candleholders by Don Wood


Christmas-Tree Ornaments by John Imhoff


Underglaze: Merry Monks Usher in the Christmas Season demonstrated by Marc Bellaire


Gone Are the Days by Edris Eckhardt


Enameling: Champleve (Part 2) by Kenneth F. Bates


Answers to Questions


Strictly Stoneware: Learning about Glazes (Part 3) by F. Carlton Ball


Show Time: Cleveland May Show




Overglaze Notebook by Zena Holst 


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