FC_May14CMcover: Lauren Mabry’s cylinder, 13 in. (33 cm) in height, red earthenware, slips, glaze, 2012.

There is, at the end of the day, a larger issue that we all have in common—like the weather—that influences how we approach ceramics, and that is how to find a way to ignore all of these details and just focus on our clay work and produce work that we are proud of and that represents us in the world—which, after all, is the start and end of all of this. We have this question in common, but the solutions are as different as each of us.One of the most encouraging signs I see that indicates people are able to address this concern is that we continue to see talented, dedicated people entering the field and making work that is personal, refined, and honest. Take a look through this year’s Emerging Artists (starting on page 45) and I think you’ll agree. For some of them, the answer is finding residencies that will allow them time and space to focus on their work, for some it’s making the most of whatever bits of time and space they can carve out at home. Regardless of the specifics, it’s clear that each of them has made a conscious choice to make clay a priority in their lives. —Sherman Hall, Editor.


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Images from current and

upcoming exhibitions.

Clay Culture:

Saving Jingdezhen
by Yuqian Chen

Clay Culture:
Ceramics and
Biochemistry by the

Ceramics Monthly staff
Image copyright FIM Biotech GmbH.


SVRothshank_May14 Held_May14 Whitney_May14

Studio Visit:
Justin Rothshank,
Goshen, Indiana


Wayne Higby:

Geographies of a Mind
by Peter Held

Albert Pfarr: Equilibrium
by Kathleen Whitney

Merino_May14 EA_YunWookMun_May14 TF_Finkelnburg_May14

Exhibition Review:

Kirk Mangus and

Sebastian Moh
reviewed by Anthony Merino

Emerging Artists 2014 


Techno File: Bloating
by Dave Finkelnburg

TT_Dadum_May14 Recipes_may14 SL_krupka_May14

Tips and Tools:

Sanding Bow
by John Dadmun

Caterina Roma’s and

Bill Wilkey’s High-Fire

and Atmospheric Glazes,

Lauren Mabry’s and

YunWook Mun’s Low-Fire

to Mid-Range Slips

and Glazes


Spotlight: Looking Back,
Finding Threads
by Ben Krupka







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