We are reminded that there is a lot of very good work being made by folks just coming into their own, and we always end up with a renewed sense of excitement and anticipation about what studio ceramics will have in store for us in the coming year. It’s not that we don’t pay attention to those who are “emerging” throughout the year, but it’s nice to see so many all at once.

—Sherman Hall, Editor

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cover: Emerging Artist Ann Van Hoey’s vessel, 8in. (21 cm) in length, slab-built and press molded red earthenware, fired in an electric kiln to (2012 degrees Fahrenheit (1100 degrees Celsius), 2009. Photo: Dries Van den Brande.

In this issue:




Earth Matters: Clay as Material
and Metaphor in the Artwork
of Margaret Boozer 

by Anthony E. Stellaccio 


A Formal Inquiry

by Todd Hayes 


Emerging Artists 2013





Studio Visit: 

Jenny Mendes, Chesterland,

Clay Culture: 

Apprenticeship Route

by Lucie Brisson 

Clay Culture: 

Very,Very Old Clay 
by Holly Goring 


Exhibition Review: 

Kathy Butterly:Lots of Little
Love Affairs
Reviewed by Elaine Levin  

Exhibition Review: 
Betty Feves: Generations

Reviewed by Garth Johnson 


Techno File:

Ball Clays 

by Dave Finkelnburg 



Tips and Tools: 

Sticky Tools 

by Lawrence Weathers 


Current and Upcoming 


The Julia Terr Annual

by Vince Montague 


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