We are all unsung in some way, just as we are lauded in others. And we will likely never be able to properly thank those who have been instrumental in guiding us, supporting us, and helping us realize our true potential. But remember, that’s not why they helped us in the first place, and the best way to acknowledge that assistance is to internalize that lesson of support and realize that you have tools that others need, whether it’s time, experience and expertise, advice, money, space, or perhaps just the acknowledgement of someone’s struggle along their own creative path. We work in studios, not in vacuums. —Sherman Hall, Editor

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cover: Sunshine Cobb’s yellow garlic box, 7 in. (18 cm) in length, mid-range red clay, fired to cone 1, sandblasted, 2012.


In this issue:

The Potters of Thimi: Village      
Ceramic Traditions in Flux

by Ani Kasten

Emerging Artists 2012               

Studio Visit: Ben Ahlvers

Lawrence, Kansas

Techno File: Testing Standards
by Dave Finkelnburg
Clay Culture: Re-emerging
by Dick Lehman
Clay Culture: Ken Price, 1935–2012
by Don Pilcher
Spotlight: Mudshark Studios
by Brett Binford

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