200705 Cover

On the Cover: “Window of Opportunity” by Kevin Nguyen

“Window of Opportunity” is 28 inches in height, thrown stoneware with brushed-on English porcelain slip, gloss white glaze, and fired to Cone 10 in reduction.


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In this issue:


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Emerging Artists 2007

The Ceramic Realm of

Kevin Nguyen by

Judy Seckler


Evolution Series: The

Ceramic Sculpture of

Suk-Jin Choi by Howard Risatti


May07p56_Hickey.tiff May07p61_Thies.tiff  

King’s Point Pottery by

Gloria Hickey

monthly methods:

From Arrowheads to Pearls


The Manabigama

by John Thies




Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers


Answers to Questions




Rethinking Ceramics Workshops by Steven Hill