In this issue, we’re introducing a new, once-in-a-while article format that focuses on those who have considerable legacies in our field, and discusses the impact of those legacies directly. In no particular order, and by no particular ranking, we are including Warren MacKenzie, John Mason, and Karen Karnes in this (let’s call it the kick off) issue. There are many individuals who we could, and will, be covering from this perspective, and we are of course open to your suggestions for who some of those folks might be. —Sherman Hall, Editor. 


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cover: Warren MacKenzie’s paddled yellow vase, 11 in. (28 cm) in height. Courtesy of Trax Gallery, Berkeley, California.

In this issue:

NCECARev_figure2 Feat_Shapiro SV_Wedel

Exhibition Review:

Earth Moves: Shifts in

Ceramic Art and Design
reviewed by

Shana Angela Salaff

Karen Karnes: The Loss of the Known Style 

by Mark Shapiro

Studio Visit: Matt Wedel,
 Albany, Ohio

Feat_Brown TT_Field TF_Goring

Warren McKenzie:

Complexity in Simplicity by Glen R. Brown


Tips and Tools: Precision

Carving Tool

by Adam Field

Techno File: Thixotropy

by Holly Goring & Dave Finkelnburg

CC_Johnson Recipes_March14 SL_Arbuckle

Clay Culture: 

Best Seek Ever

by Garth Johnson

Recipes: Casting Slips,

Adam Field’s Celadon and 

Amber Glazes, and 

Matt Wedel’s Low-Fire White

and Clear Base for Layering 

Spotlight: Open-Ended Questions

by Linda Arbuckle

Ex_March14 Feat_Whitney Feat_Stellaccio

Exposure: Images from

current and upcoming exhibitions.

John Mason: Upping the Ante by Kathleen Whitney

Capture Imagination: The Enigma of Sergei Isopov

by Anthony E. Stellaccio


Connecting the Dots by Elizabeth Sparks



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