We all wear many hats (or jackets, or aprons, as the case may be), and I think the primary concern for me is not so much the size of your pottery hat, but simply that you have one.

—Sherman Hall, Editor

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cover: Mel Griffin, dinner plate, 11 in. (28 cm) in diameter, earthenware, fired up to cone 04 in an electric kiln, 2012. 

In this issue:




Gesture in Drawing
and Form 

by Mel Griffin 


Rough Edges: The
Work of Tony Clennell

by Heidi McKenzie 


Paired Views

by Simon Levin and 
Amy Smith  

Photo: Amy Smith 



Studio Visit: 

Euan Craig, Minakami,
Gunma, Japan

Clay Culture: 

Mug Giveaways

by Jessica Knapp and 
Aaron Wilcox 

Clay Culture: 

An Exacting Art 
by Maggie Connolly 


Exhibition Review: 

Organic Dissolution: An 
Installation by
Susan Beiner
by Andrew Buck  

Exhibition Review: 
Don Reitz Retrospective

by Glenn R. Brown 

Photo: Jeffery Bruce

Techno File:

Carbon Trapping 

by Dave Finkelnburg 

Photo: Bill Bachhuber


Tips and Tools: 


by Brian Reed 


Current and Upcoming 


Killing the Dream

by Scott Cooper 




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