Ceramics Monthly - March 1966

On the Cover:  Vases and Covered Jars by Donald Cyr

The vases and jars are made by combining wheel-thrown and hand-built components.


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers




Toby Jugs by Linden E. Shipley


Answers to Questions


The Power of Expression by Mary L. Scarpino


The Combination Pot by Donald Cyr


The Point System of Jurying by Vincent C. Shepps


Changing the Fusion Levels of Glazes: Part 2 by Richard Behrens


Wax Resist and Glaze Decoration by Larry Peters


Show Time: Ohio Ceramic and Sculpture Show; Tenth International Exhibition of Ceramic Art


Transferring Designs to Enamel by Kathe Berl




Summer Workshops