196303 Cover 2

On the Cover: Tools

A selection of some of the basic clay-working tools used by every potter is the subject of the photogram on this month’s cover.


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers


Answers to Questions




A Potter’s Studio by Anne Appleton Clarke


Sculpture: The Human Head (Part 3) by Edris Eckhardt


Racks and Trivets for Firing Enamels by Kathe Berl


Sculpture from Wheel-Thrown Forms by Leon Moburg


Show Time: Midwest Potters and Sculptors


Firing the Kiln by Moseley, Johnson and Koenig


Animals from Clay Slabs by Alice Lasher


Brush Printing demonstrated by Marc Bellaire


Copper Blue Glazes by F. Carlton Ball



Summer Workshops


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