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On the Cover: Stoneware Jar by Dorothy Moore Scott

Stoneware jar with lid, reduction glaze over iron, is one of the pots in the Arts of Southern California VI: Ceramics Exhibit at the Long Beach Museum of Arts. See the feature article on page 15. 


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Letters to the Editor


Copper Tubing: A Friend to Enamelists by Kathe Berl




Ceramic Shopper


Show Time: Arts of Southern California VI


Suggestions from our Readers


Lively Art of Earthenware by Karl Martz


Designs for Hand Building: Spice Boxes by Don Wood


Beautiful, Lustrous Silver by Edward Winter


Prelude to Glass Lamination by Kay Kinney


Teacher’s Pet: Cloisonne in Clay by Clark Heiple


Decorating A Lamp by Phyllis Cusick


Strictly Stoneware by F. Carlton Ball


Answers to Questions




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