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On the Cover: Decorating with Wax Resist

A wheel-thrown stoneware vase 36 inches high made by F. Carlton Ball and decorated in the same was resist technique that he describes in the feature article starting on page 20 of this issue.


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In this issue:




Enameler’s Column by Kathe Berl




Ceramic Shopper


Suggestions from our Readers


Films on Ceramics


Pic of the Month


Show Time: Florida Craftsmen


Underglaze Series: Three Satisfied Cats demonstrated by Marc Bellaire


Wax Resist Decorating Technique by F. Carlton Ball


Enameling: Separation Enamel by Jim Kreiter


Maps for the Classroom by Vernon and Mildred Seeley


Answers to Questions


Tools for Making Uniform Coils by Paul Hatgil


Teacher’s Pet: Watching Children and Enamels Fuse by Clark Heiple




Sculpture in a Brick by Reinhold P. Marxhausen


Beginner’s Hints on Underglaze Decoration  


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