Things have changed, as they always tend to do. Once upon a time, this would have been the issue in which I would be writing about all the upcoming fairs and festivals, where the bulk of most professional clay folks’ income was generated. While that still holds true for some, it’s a progressively smaller part of how makers make a living.

—Sherman Hall, Editor

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cover: Matthew Chamber’s Deep Twist, from the Slant Series, 16in. (40 cm) in height, wheel thrown and handbuilt stoneware, fired approximately to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit, 2012. Photo: Steve Thearle.  

In this issue:

Working Potter: 

Chris Keenan

Working Potter:

Bryce Brisco

Working Potter:

Lowri Davies


Working Potter:

Brian R. Jones

Working Potter: 

Rae Dunn

Working Potter: 

Nan Coffin




Low Firing with Wood 

by Richard W. James 



Objective Clay

by Doug Peltzman 



Current and Upcoming 





Studio Visit: 

Matthew Chambers, Newport,
Isle of Wight, England

Clay Culture: 

Moon Jars

by Gareth Mason 

Clay Culture: 

Janet Mansfield

by Sherman Hall 


Exhibition Review: 

2013 NCECA Biennial

Juried Exhibition

Reviewed by Anthony Merino  

Chalk Line Color

by Richard W. James 


Techno File:


by Dave Finkelnburg 



Tips and Tools: 

Floating Straw Hydrometer 

by Roger Graham 




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