Ceramics Monthly - Summer 1966

On the Cover:  Porcelain Covered Jar by Donald E. Frith

Mr. Frith describes his piece as a small fluted jar.


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers




Summer Workshops


Construction Pots by Roger A. Goettsch


Texture and Pattern on Metal Bases: Part 2 by Kathe Berl


Modeling from a Solid Block of Clay by Lucia B. Comins


Portfolio: Ceramic Arts U.S.A. 1966


Enameled Wind Chimes by Polly Rothenberg


Fused Glass Wind Chimes by Polly Rothenberg


Thumb Print Decorations demonstrated by Marc Bellaire


Glazes of the Ming Dynasty by Richard Behrens




Ceramic Shopper

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