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On the Cover:  Jug from Bybee Pottery

The jug pictured on this month’s cover is typical of the ware produced two generations ago at the Bybee Pottery in eastern Kentucky. 


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Answers to Questions




Summer Workshops


Enameled Ashtrays for Outdoors by Kathe Berl


Children and the Wheel by F. Carlton Ball


Enameling Steep-Sided Bowls by Polly Rothenberg


San Francisco Children’s Art


Portfolio: A Potter’s Journey Through the Southern Highlands by Charles and Rubynelle Counts


A Short Glaze Formulary by Richard Behrens


Decorating on Greenware by Marc Bellaire


How to Make Your Own Glazes: Part 5 by Hortense Aronson and Lisbeth Schaeffler




Show Time: Wisconsin Crafts  


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