196206 Cover 2

On the Cover: Glass Wall Hanging

Detail from a glass wall hanging by Dorothy Larson, Washington, NJ.


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers


Summer Workshops




CM’s Pic of the Month


Tall Clay Constructions by F. Carlton Ball


Whistles Are For Fun! by Helen Young


Garden Lamps by Don Wood


Enameled Garden Markers by Kathe Berl


Firing Glass Over Clay Forms by Kay Kinney


For the Birds by Alice Wheatley


Preparing Greenware for Decorating by Marc Bellaire




Marsh Birds by Marc Bellaire

Show Time: Artist-Craftsmen of New York; Michigan Artist-Craftsmen; Ohio State Exhibition


Field Firing by K. Lomneth Chishold


Ceramic Shopper


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