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On the Cover: Enameling Jewelry and Accessories

The focus of this issue is enameling jewelry and accessories. Cover art by Robert L. Creager.


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In this issue:




Enameling: Bits of Foil by Jo Rebert




Ceramic Shopper


Suggestions from Readers


Mix Your Own Glazes by Sally Gallaway


How to Catch a Fish by Phil Allen


Variations on Wheel-Thrown Pottery by Aaron Bohrod & Carlton Ball


Banding and Sgraffito demonstrated by Bea Matney


Take a Stencil from Nature


Overglaze Page: Dry Dusting by Zena S. Holst


CM Briefs: Outdoor Candleholders; Combine Enamels & Ceramics; Shrinkage Test; Rice-Pattern Glaze; Texture Tricks



Answers to Questions


Throwing Tips: Cutting Wires and Lifters by Tom Sellers


Enameling: Effects and Defects by Jean O’Hara 




Show Time: Decorative Arts and Ceramics, Wichita  


Plaster Series: Forming Plaster Model by Dorothy Perkins


State Directory: Where to Buy Supplies  


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