The January issue, for me, is always exciting. It’s the beginning of a new volume year of the magazine, and while we adjust and make improvements throughout the year, this issue is the one where it makes the most sense to implement new ideas and shuffle things just a bit more than usual. —Sherman Hall, Editor.

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cover: David Hicks’ Still Life (vivid), 5 ft. 10 in. (1.8 m.) in height, terra cotta, steel, cable, hardware, 2001.  Hicks’ work will be on view in January and February 2014 at Cross Mackenzie Gallery in Washington DC. For more information on the show, visit www.crossmackenzie.com.

In this issue:

Rev_MKangas_Jan14 Feat_GRBrown_Jan14 SV_MSchiemann_Jan14
Exhibition Review: Leopold Foulem: The Object is also a Sign
reviewed by Matthew Kangas
Liz Quackenbush: Beyond Heirarchies 
reviewed by Glen R. Brown
Studio Visit: Matt Schiemann, St. Petersburg, Florida

Residencies_Jan14 TT_JWylder TF_DFinkelnburg_Jan14
Residencies and Fellowships 2014


Tips and Tools: Depth and Field

by Jim Wylder

Techno File: Frits
by Dave Finkelnburg
CC_McKenzie_Jan14 Recipes_Image_Jan14 SL_JOberman_Jan14
Clay Culture: Ernabella in Jingdezhen
by Heidi McKenzie


Matt Schiemann’s Glazes for Wood Firing & Liz Quackenbush’s Majolica Glazes

Spotlight: A Successful Residency
by Jill Oberman
Ex_Jan14 IA_Mcgrath_Jan14 IA_Heidel_Jan14


Images from current and upcoming exhibitions.

Transitioning Environments: 

Marianne McGrath

Landscapes Lost

Transitioning Environments: 

Gail Heidel

Urban Flux

IA_JKreutter_Jan14 IA_DHicks_Jan14  IA_DHarrow_Jan14

Transitioning Environments: 

Jessica Kreutter

Change in Adaptation

Transitioning Environments: 

David Hicks

Organically Inspired

Transitioning Environments: 

Del Harrow

Investigating Clay as a Cultural and Phenomenological Material


Transitioning Environments: 

Nicholas Kripal

Sacred Spaces



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