So, as we move forward through the gauntlet of digital content delivery, print delivery, studio work, social-media planning, website building and maintenance, and all the other various and sundry “opportunities” out there, it’s nice to be able to kick back once in a while with a nice pot of tea and appreciate the real reason for all of our publishing celebrations, regardless of medium or form factor—objects made of clay that bring joy into our lives. —Sherman Hall, Editor

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cover: Clare Twomey’s Made in China, installed at Permanenten The West Norway Museum of Decorative Art, as part of the exhibition “Thing Tang Trash: Upcycling in Contemporary Ceramics,” September 17, 2011–January 8, 2012.

In this issue:




Space Specific:
Clare Twomey: Intangible

Space Specific:
Jae Won Lee: Between
the Petals

Space Specific:
Amy Santoferraro: Catch
and Release

Space Specific:
Jeffrey Mongrain:
Sacred Sites 
Space Specific:
Daniel Bare and
Valerie Zimany:

Raw Collaborations
Space Specific:
Joe Page: A Place of
Comfort and Curiosity
Space Specific: 
Rebecca Hutchinson:
Growth and Place

Textile Inspired Patterns
by Colleen Riley


Residencies & Fellowships 2013


Studio Visit: 
Derek Au 
Jingdezhen, Jiangxi,
People’s Republic of China

Clay Culture: 
Disposing of Thirds

by Jessica Knapp

Clay Culture: 
Pottery’s Internal Clock
by Holly Goring

Exhibition Review: 

James Evans: Ambugation

by Matthew Kangas

Exhibition Review: 
Pots at Rest

by Andrea Marquis

Techno File: Lusters 
by Johanna DeMaine

Tips and Tools: 
Banding Wheel Bat Pins

by Jim Wylder



Current and Upcoming



Creation with Purpose

by Jessica Kanaley


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