Focus: Living Life Large

Explore the complexities of making and selling big work. From building large armatures to taking small steps in marketing, professional sculptors compare notes.

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on the cover: Installation (detail) at the Crafts Gallery, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, 2009, by Mariko Isozaki, Fosdinovo, Italy.
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Mariko Isozaki: Space, Depth, and Movement

Focusing on public art works and architectural commissions has allowed this sculptor to make a living in a very tough market. It helps that her work carries impact not only from scale, but from clear concept and clean execution.

Paul Day: Suspended Relief

Day devised an armature system that he builds right along with the work. It suspends the work from the ceiling, so it can hold a lot of weight without a lot of bulky structure, and it stays out of his way while he works.

Wouter Dam: Support in All of its Forms

Making thin, curved walls out of clay requires support throughout the process, so Dam uses foam supports during construction, and customized clay supports to get the pieces through the firing.

Wanxin Zhang: Wrong Reasons, Right Results

Taking inspiration from the monumental sculptors of Maoist China, Zhang has developed an approach to, and interpretation of, the monument that Mao certainly never would have intended.

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Expanding Your Palette in Mid-range Firing
by Yoko Sekino-Bové

A research project that began as a personal exploration ended with a system for testing glazes that opened up a full view of the possibilities in color, surface, and texture at cone 6 using almost any base glaze recipe.

MFA Factor: Kansas State University

A program finds its center with a balanced mix of pots and sculpture
at the geographic center of the United States.

Andrew Martin’s Aquatic Aesthetic
by Glen R. Brown

Through two successive bodies of work, a potter extends the same influences in decidedly different ways.

recipes Cone 10 Moveable Feast Glaze, with colorant variations
monthly method Using Simple Templates to Create Complex Forms

Studio Visit: Jennifer Mecca, York, South Carolina

It’s all about the work, and sometimes a porch and a shed will do just fine for a studio.


Residencies and Fellowships 2011

If you are looking for the next step in your career, the next studio, or maybe just a change of scenery to enliven your work, our comprehensive listing of professional development opportunities will set you in the right direction.

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