Focus: A Life in Clay

There are about as many ways to make a living as a ceramic sculptor as there are people attempting it. In this issue, three sculptors making very different work share their advice and experience on balancing life and work, promoting and selling, as well as their aesthetic perspectives.


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In this issue:

Work and Play: The Sculptor’s Life

Doug Herren, Mark Chatterley and John Brickels discuss their approaches to making art, surviving as artists and their best advice for those wishing to do the same.


Residencies and Fellowships 2009

It’s time again for our annual comprehensive listing of facilities and organizations offering studio space and professional-development opportunities for ceramic artists.


Beyond the Pale: Emily Rossheim and Tom Marrinson Pass the Torch
byJudy Seckler

Pottery apprenticeships are somewhat rare these days; even more rare is an apprenticeship intended to pass a business from one potter to another.

monthly methods A Tango of Texture

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The MFA Factor: University of Colorado, Boulder

In this installment of the graduate program profiles, we visit the Rocky Mountains and the interdisciplinary program at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


From Two Dimensions to Three: Where Tile and Sculpture Meet
by Niel Amon

Building a complex geometric form to be clad in tiles requires a lot of planning, a lot of problem solving and a lot of tile!

recipes slip and glazes for cast tile.


Peter Shire Goes Public
byJudy Seckler

Branching out into mixed media, an artist builds a career in public art.

with Hot Rod Public Art by Peter Shire


Masaneo Kaneta
Kelvin Bradford

A contemporary Japanese master of Hagi ware brings the tradition into the 21st century.

recipes Hagi Glazes

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