196501 Cover 2

On the Cover:  F. Carlton Ball’s Son Carlton Arthur

F. Carlton Ball’s three-year-old son tackles the serious business of adding legs to his clay alligator. 


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers




Answers to Questions


CM’s Picture of the Month


Children and Clay by F. Carlton Ball


Show Time: Kansas Designer-Craftsmen


Low-Fire Variegated Glazes by Irene Kettner


Contemporary Japanese Ceramics by Hugo Munsterberg


Silver Foil Designs by Polly Rothenberg


Mosaic Sculpture by Pearl Papez


Flexible and Stiff Ribs by Frank Colson




Decorating With the Fan Brush by Marc Bellaire  


Index to Advertisers


Overglaze on Enamels by Kathe Berl  


Ceramic Shopper