195801 Cover 2

On the Cover: Handles Other Than Clay

Thrown tea set with bamboo handle, by James Crumrine of New York, has a light matt green glaze with an overspray of manganese.


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In this issue:




Pic of the Month




Matched Sets from Slabs by Don Wood




Teacher’s Pet: Two Weeks of Ceramics by Robert J. Schaefer


Enameling: Plique-a-jour by Kenneth F. Bates


Underglaze: Design for Tall Shapes demonstrated by Marc Bellaire


Stoneware: Stoneware Clay Bodies (Part 2) by F. Carlton Ball


River Bottom Free Forms by Peg Townsend


Handles Other Than Clay by Tom Sellers


Art Along the River by Peggy Tobin


Answers to Questions 


Assemble Your Own Lamps


Overglaze: How to Use Lustres (Part 3) by Zena Holst




Enameler’s Column by Kathe Berl 


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