Throughout the process of trying to make something new in the studio (a new rim on a plate in hopes that it will catch a runny glaze just right, a new foot on the bowls so they lift up rather than sit down), I cannot help but compare it to the development of ideas for a new column in the magazine. —Sherman Hall, Editor


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cover: Molly Hatch’s Semiotics Mug Collection, inlaid and hand-painted stoneware mugs manufactured for Anthropologie, 2011. Photo: Courtesy of Anthropologie.


In this issue:

Molly Hatch’s Moment
by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser
Greg Payce: Illusions
by Heidi McKenzie
Succulent Curiosity: The Ceramics of Angela Cunningham
by Ben Eberle

Jeremy Hatch: Clay on the Boundary
by Emily Donahoe

Jason Bige Burnett: From Found Art to Found Artist
by Katey Schultz
Studio Visit: Eric Boos
Prescott, Arizona
Mine Map for Ceramics Mines
Techno File: Warping
by Dave Finkelnburg
Glaze: Cool Colors
by Linda Bloomfield
Clay Culture: Materials Mines
by Jessica Knapp
high resolution PDF (4.2MB)
Steven Lee with Linda Christianson cup
Clay Culture: Letter to Linda
by Steven Lee
Clay Culture: Malcolm Davis
by Sherman Hall
Exhibition Review: Justin Rothshank: Fatherhood
by Liz Howe
Exhibition Review: George Rodriguez: “Symbiotic/Parasitic”
by Matthew Kangas
Spotlight: Down to Business
by Bret Bortner

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