Ceramics Monthly - February 1966

On the Cover:  “Horse and Rider” by James T. Samson

The stoneware sculpture is 21 inches high and 20 inches long, and is partially glazed in gray-blue.


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers




Jane Parshall and Denis Chasek by Roger D. Bonham


Answers to Questions


Parshall and Chasek Demonstrate: Clay Inlay Decoration by Roger D. Bonham


Cut-Out Shapes for Enameled Wall Pieces by Polly Rothenberg


Throwing a Square Vase by F. Carlton Ball


Printing with Plastic Foam by Marc Bellaire


Changing the Fusion Levels of Glazes by Richard Behrens


Show Time: Wisconsin Crafts





Ceramic Shopper


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