196402 Cover 2

On the Cover:  Bottle by Jefferson Borden

Mr. Borden’s piece was thrown in two parts and attached in the middle. 


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Answers to Questions




Suggestions from Our Readers


Cook-Ware Cullet in Glazes by Richard Behrens


Tall Pots from Short Kilns by Richard Peeler


Texturing Clay by J. Sheldon Carey


Project Possibilities for Junior High School by Anne Miller


Sculpture from Clay Slabs by Leon Moburg


Enameled Room Dividers (Part 2) by Kathe Berl


Show Time: Craftsmen of the Northeastern States 


Glaze Inlay Decoration demonstrated by Marc Bellaire


An Introduction to Reduction Firing by F. Carlton Ball   




Ceramic Shopper  


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