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On the Cover: Underglaze on Tiles

A close-up of a stylized rooster painted in commercial underglaze on a set of 15 tiles, to be used as a tabletop. Step-by-step instructions are given on page 15. 


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from our Readers




Ceramic Shopper


Enameler’s Column by Kathe Berl


Underglaze Series: Paint a Tabletop on Tiles demonstrated by Marc Bellaire


Pic of the Month


Show Time: Kansas Designer-Craftsman


A Visit to the Kilns of Shoji Hamada by Elizabeth Spence


Hot Kilns and Happy Motherhood by Laura K. Popenoe


Make a Pitcher from Cheese Boxes by Don Wood


Hand-size Stones Make Interesting Molds by Mildred and Vernon Seeley


Answers to Questions


Strictly Stoneware: Learning About Glazes (Part 6) by F. Carlton Ball


Let Your Mosaics “Go to Pot” by Marian McIntyre




Enameling: Don’t Clean That Firescale by Jim Kreiter


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