195802 Cover 2

On the Cover: “End of the Line” by Edris Eckhardt

The prize sculpture is 10 inches tall and 11 inches long. The donkey is gray with a blue star on its head and orange-pink inside its ears, mouth and nostrils. Children are dressed in white. Also in this issue a new CM Series—Teaching Techniques.


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In this issue:




Pic of the Month




Teaching Techniques by Edris Eckhardt




Enameling: Plique-a-jour (Part 2) by Kenneth F. Bates


Celadons at Cone 04 by Tom Sellers


Much Ado About Mosaics by Jeanne Smith


Centerpieces the Easy Way by Betse Lewis


Underglaze: A Repeat Motif demonstrated by Marc Bellaire


Stoneware: Stoneware Clay Bodies (Part 3) by F. Carlton Ball


New Age of Experiment by Jerry Rothman


Answers to Questions


Enameler’s Column by Kathe Berl


Overglaze: How to Use Lustres (Part 4) by Zena Holst




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