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On the Cover: Indian Dolls 

Learn how to make Kachina Doll earrings with Peg Townsend.


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In this issue:


A Letter from the Editor




Sgraffito Decoration by Paul P. Hatgil




Ceramic Shopper


Suggestions from our Readers


Models and Molds 1: Creative Form by Dorothy Perkins


Focus on Form by F. Carlton Ball


How to Pull a Handle by Tom Sellers


Kachina Dolls — on Loan to Ceramics by Peg Townsend  


Animal Roundup by Phil Allen


Decorating Lessons No 9: Framework for Design


Majolica Technique with Prepared Underglazes demonstrated by Bea Matney


CM Briefs: Sand-mold Ceramics; Homemade Strainer; Glaze Defect: Crawling; Uncoiled Clay Coils


Answers to Questions


The Overglaze Page: Decorationg Glass by Zena S. Holst


Enameling on Metal: Effects and Defects by Jean O’Hara 




State Directory: Where to Buy Supplies  


Show Time  


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