In this issue, we’ve asked several makers to describe not only their process for making one of their functional pieces, but the value they hope their work carries that is beyond its basic function—and we hope you value their efforts as much as we do.—Sherman Hall, Editor

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cover: Peter Pincus’ Blue Line Shift, to 11 in. (28 cm) in height, colored porcelain, fired in an electric kiln to cone 6.


In this issue:


Painting Pots from
the Inside

by Peter Pincus

John Neely: Ceramics

by Glen R. Brown

From Rough Cut to Soft Form

by Krystal Crabb

A Balancing Act
by Hannah Meredith 
Sculptural Platters
by Lars Westby
Heads and Pots
by Mark Shapiro

Studio Visit: Amy Smith

Lincoln, Nebraska

Techno File: Viscosity
by Tina Gebhart
Tips and Tools: Dial-in Level 
by Jim Wylder
Clay Culture: Indivisible Mug
by Holly Goring
Clay Culture: The Pot Book,
by Edmund de Waal
by Jessica Knapp
Clay Culture: Peace by Piece
by Karen Heid

Exhibition Review: Serendipity:
An International Exhibition
of Wood-fired Sculpture

by Kevin Crowe

Exhibition Review: David Kaye
Gallery: Robert Archambeau

by Heidi McKenzie

Spotlight: Generational Shift

by Emily Schroeder Willis


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