200712 Cover

On the Cover: “Oval Window Vine” by Sam Taylor

“Oval Window Vine” is 17 inches in height, thrown and altered stoneware with iron slip over alberta and white slip, wax resist, wood fired with salt and soda ash.


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In this issue:


Dec07p28_Ellenbogen Dec07p37_Frenzel Dec07p40_Slawinski

Going Green by John Ellenbogen

Landfill Gas and

Alternative Fuels 

French Fried Pots by

Kent McLaughlin

Striving for Perfection:

Energy Efficiency and Perfect Combustion by  Hal Frenzel 

The Kachelofen: Its Time Has Come, Again by Nadia Slawinski


Dec07p44_Taylor Dec07p48_Bavaro Dec07p50_Hayashi

Sam Taylor: Dog Bar  Tales by Judy Seckler

monthly methods: #6

Tile Slip by Sam Taylor


Gary Spinosa: Philosopher’s Stone by John Bavaro

Shotaro Hayashi: Shino

Master by Kelvin Bradford

Goyer Bonneau by Denis Longchamps    





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Friendship and Influence, Part II by Dick Lehman