196512 Cover 2

On the Cover:  Youth Carrying a Skyphos

Youth carrying a skyphos, or cup, of wine is the decoration from an Attic kylix (another drinking cup shape) by the Brygos Painter, in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers




A First Project on the Potter’s Wheel by Jerry Goldman


Answers to Questions


Majolica Ware at Low Temperatures by Richard Behrens


Crackle Enamels by Polly Rothenberg


Portfolio: Athenian Vases by Joseph V. Noble


Enameled Holiday Jewelry by Kathe Berl


Monk Bells by Gina Roehner


A Reverse Motif demonstrated by Marc Bellaire


Calcium Family Glazes for Cone 10 by Richard Behrens




Show Time: Own-Your-Own Exhibitions  


Ceramics Monthly Index: January-December 1965


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