196312 Cover 2

On the Cover:  Detail of Illustration commissioned by the Emperor Ch’ien Lung of China

Illustration depicts pottery-making in the Chinese town of Ching-te Chen. 


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers




Pouring Spouts by Angelo C. Garzio


Turning Bowl Shapes by John B. Kenny


The Ceramic Bells of Charlotte Neubauer


Pottery Making at Ching-te Chen by Richard Behrens


Enameled Tree Ornaments by Kathe Berl


Concave Fluting by F. Carlton Ball


Sprigged Decoration by Jean Garrett


Underglaze Decoration: A Holiday Theme by Marc Bellaire 


Ceramics Monthly Index: January-December 1963


Answers to Questions  




Ceramic Shopper  


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