196012 Cover 2

On the Cover: African Madonna by Trina Paulus

African Madonna, by Trina Paulus, was shown in the National Religious Art Exhibition in Birmingham, Michigan. This ceramic sculpture is approximately 18 inches high and is colored dark and light brown with sgraffito in white. Other works exhibited in this show are pictured in this month’s Show Time feature.


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In this issue:


Letters to the Editor


Pic of the Month




Chromium for Christmas Colors by Karl Martz


Suggestions from our Readers


Sphere of Light by Kathe Berl


Gifts in a Pinata by Peg Townsend


Show Time: 21st Ceramic National; National Religious Art Exhibition


Holiday Candleholders by Marc Bellaire


A Glass Christmas Panel by Kay Kinney


A Ceramic Candelabra by Hal Fromhold


Make a Doll for Tomorrow by Helen Young


Fritted Stoneware Glazes by F. Carlton Ball


Enameled Tree Ornaments by Marcella Dyer


Answers to Questions




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