200708 Cover

On the Cover: “Large Jar” by Lisa Hammond

“Large Jar” is 18 inches in height, Pink Shino glaze with crawl pattern, and fired to Cone 9.


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In this issue:


Aug07p33_MFALSU_Gawronski Aug07p32_Autio.tiff Aug07p47_Gouthro

The M.F.A. Factor 

Rudy Autio 1926-2007 by

Joe Nickell, Jamie Kelly and Betsy Cohen


Carol Gouthro’s Futuristic

Artifacts by Judy Wagonfeld

monthly methods: The Ceramic

Surface by Carol Gouthro


Aug07p50_Hammond Aug07p56_Dipasquale Aug07p60_Finkelnburg

Lisa Hammond: Intuited Grace by Phil Rogers

recipes: Shinos, liner glaze and slip for soda firing


Gary DiPasquale by Elizabeth Reichert

How Glazes Melt: In Search

of the Elusive Eutectic

by Dave Finkelnburg



Letters to the Editor


Suggestions from Our Readers


Answers to Questions




Chef or Cook? by Jim Wylder