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On the Cover: Starting This Month the CM Underglaze Series

In this issue decorating with underglaze, throwing a teapot, musical mobiles and much more. Cover art by Robert L. Creager.


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In this issue:




Decorate with Underglazes: Bird of Paradise demonstrated by Marc Bellaire




Ceramic Shopper


Suggestions from Our Readers


Show Time—High Lites at Hobby Shows: Eastern, Asbury Park; Great Lakes, Detroit


Throwing on the Wheel: A Teapot by Tom Sellers


Pathways that Lead to Sales by K.L. Boynton


Jewelry by Mary Kretsinger


Musical Mobiles by Verdelle Gray


A Mold for Irregular Shapes by Dorothy Perkins


CM Briefs: Swedish-Rolling-Pin Designs; Swirl Those Underglaze Colors



Answers to Questions


The Enameler’s Column by Kathe Berl




Overglaze: The Holst Notebook by Zena Holst


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