195508 Cover 2

On the Cover: Nine Shows, 1955

In this issue making a chuck, feather trailing, enameling, and much more. Cover art by Robert L. Creager.


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In this issue:




Nine Shows, 1955




Ceramic Shopper


Suggestions from Readers


Throwing Tips: Make a Chuck by Tom Sellers


Bonnie’s Bracelet by Phil Allen


Enameling: Lines in a Design by Jo Rebert


Cast Ware Combinations by Lee Levy


Feather Trailing


Overglaze Page: Know Your Colors by Zena Holst


CM Briefs: Peg Board for Jewelry; Flower Former, Catch Overspray; Portable Damp Box



Answers to Questions


Plaster Series: Horizontal Template by Dorothy Perkins


Enameling: Dots and Chunks by Jean O’Hara 




State Directory: Where to Buy Supplies  


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