Focus: Summer Workshops 2009

Our comprehensive listing of summer workshops in ceramics provides all manner of educational opportunities, vocational training and informational overload. Whether you’re looking for figurative or functional, high-fire or low-fire, you will find it here.


See the complete list of available workshops in Ceramics Monthly’s online workshop listing.


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In this issue:

Working Backwards: Liz Zlot Summerfield
by Katey Schultz

For those who think handbuilt, low-fire earthenware can’t be refined—think again. A North Carolina potter brings form and function together in a manner that is intentionally both accessible and elevated.
monthly methods Cut Paper Templates by Liz Zlot Summerfield


The Pursuit of Perfection
by Julie Murphy

Scott Ziegler painstakingly layers color over his meticulously formed sculptures to achieve bright, inviting surfaces. But these are only the physical layers.

monthly methods Stains, Slips and Patience by Scott Ziegler

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Shigemasa Higashida
by Kelvin Bradford

With a history as well-established as Japanese Oribe ware, one might think nothing new was possible within it. One would be mistaken.

with Oribe Glaze and Higashida Firing Cycle


Expecting Wonders: Alice Ballard’s Pod Series
by Katey Schultz

Investigation and personification of natural forms draws an artist toward tension and drama in her wall installations.


The Pottery of Guatajiagua
by Ana González-Martingale

An El Salvadoran family makes traditional blackware, but not in the way you might expect. Their tried-and-true methods are atypical of traditional ceramic processes, but they have been using them for as long as anyone can remember—so who’s to say what’s traditional and what is not?

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