195904 Cover 2

On the Cover: Prize-Winning Sculptures

A lively charm is displayed in the group of stoneware bottles by Loris Love Suite. These little bottle-figures range in size from 10¾ inches to 11½ inches in height and are decorated in tans, blues and white. Miss Suite received top award for this group in the Creative Crafts Show featured on page 14.


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In this issue:




Enameler’s Column by Kathe Berl




Watch Your Feet! by Didier Journeaux


Suggestions from our Readers


Field Trips for Ceramics by Lee Levy


Pic of the Month


Show Time: Creative Crafts Exhibition


Carve Greenware and Make a Mask by Phyllis Cusick


An Ornate Fruit Bowl by Don Wood


Enameling: Lustre Crackle by Jim Kreiter


Underglaze Series: Repeat Motifs demonstrated by Marc Bellaire


Answers to Questions


Strictly Stoneware: Glaze Making Materials (Part 7) by F. Carlton Ball


Hobby Shows & Summer Workshops




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